Accomodation Rules

Apartment Kokonín

We kindly ask you to respect the following ‘house rules’:

  • We look forward to welcoming you after 4pm on arrival day. If you wish to check-in sooner, please ask.
  • On arrival, please present a valid passport or identity card. We will be required to note some information, details of which are stated in the section named GDPR
  • You will be presented with 2 keys: 1 for the apartment and 1 for the main entrance to the house. For security, please ensure both doors are locked when you go out.
  • If you are a 2 person party, 1 bedroom will be available for you. If you are a 3-6 person party, both bedrooms will be available to you.
  • Please bring slippers for use inside the house, and please do not bring any pets with you.
  • Please store your bikes and ski equipment in the specified storage areas on the ground floor.
  • Please do not light fires or smoke inside house - the fire alarm will be watching  Smoking in the garden is however permitted.
  • Please do not move any furniture from inside the apartment into the garden.
  • Cushions for garden chairs can be found in the large basket near the white bench in the hallway. Please do not leave cushions outisde when not using them.
  • In the event of any non-registered guest being allowed to stay, all guests (registered and non-registered) will be expelled from the premises immediately!
  • The apartment contains all necessary electric devices for your stay. For safety purposes, please ensure only devices for personal hygiene, laptops/tablets and small electrical devices are used inside.
  • Please be mindful when using any of the apartment’s facilities. Subsequent guests will also want enjoy a pleasant environment.
  • If you notice any fault or damage, please inform us. We will endeavour to repair any damage ASAP.
  • Please keep any outside noise between 10pm to 7am to a reasonable level. Noise inside house is not a problem, we sleep in another place….
  • On any departure, please close all windows, check electricity and ensure all taps/shower are turned off. On hot summer days we reccommend blinds be kept down.
  • Please supervise your children in the house and garden, as we cannot be held responsible for any injury. In the event of anything being broken, please report to us in case we need to agree compensation.
  • Large items of waste (nappies etc.) can be put in the garbage near the parking area.
  • The parking area is not guarded. We cannot be held responsible for the security of cars, or items left in cars.
  • On day of check-out, please return keys by 10am. You do not need to clean anything: cleaning is included in the price of accomodation.